Would you like to learn how to fly an RC plane?

If the answer is YES you can join us most Thursday nights at 6PM at the field! Training stops at the end of October because the weather in Montana does not usually cooperate after that. You can also schedule a time with Jim Fuller, AMA Instructor, at 697.2446.

You will learn how to fly using a Buddy Box system and an Apprentice plane. There is no charge for the lesson and you do NOT have to be a member to try it out!

Check out the BFM Calendar for the next training time and you too can become a RC Pilot! Please keep in mind the training is weather permitting.

For new and experienced pilots that are becoming members please check out the documents below

Training & Certification for New MembersĀ  – Beginning and Experienced Pilots

This document covers both the experienced pilot that has become a new member, and beginning pilots new to the hobby and learning to fly. It is a simple process that certifies that pilots are both safe and capable of solo flight.

It contains: process description, forms for certification, instructor pilots & transmitter operation & programming basics.