Billings Flying Mustangs 2021 Annual Fly-In

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4 5 6Club Meeting
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Club MeetingTime: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Billings Flying Mustangs - Club Meeting @ Four B's restaurant. until further notice.
7 8Fly-In Riverton, WYFly-In Riverton, WY Training Night - Weather Permitting
6:00 pm
Training Night - Weather PermittingTime: 6:00 pm
Learn to fly RC aircraft safely. 8223 Grand Avenue Billings MT
9Fly-In Riverton, WYFly-In Riverton, WY 10Fly-In Riverton, WYFly-In Riverton, WY BFM ALES Soaring ContestBFM ALES Soaring Contest
11 12 13 14 15Fly-In Thermopolis, WYFly-In Thermopolis, WY 16Fly-In Thermopolis, WYFly-In Thermopolis, WY 17Fly-In Thermopolis, WYFly-In Thermopolis, WY
18Fly-In Thermopolis, WYFly-In Thermopolis, WY 19 20 21 22Training Night - Weather Permitting
6:00 pm
Training Night - Weather PermittingTime: 6:00 pm
Learn to fly RC aircraft safely. 8223 Grand Avenue Billings MT
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25 26 27 28 29 30 31HELENA ALES Soaring ContestHELENA ALES Soaring Contest
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8 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. Ed Alves

    Hi Lee,

    Could you please update the calendar to reflect the BFM Pylon Bump and Run. It will be our Fifth Annual Race. It will be held June 5th-7th. A single event held on the 6-7th with an official practice day on the 5th. Thank you,

    Ed Alves

  2. mike

    I have a 12′ telemaster for sale –was set up with a da85 on it—flew about 7 times —currently has no equipment on it—would sell the airplane for $650.
    If you know anyone who may be interested I would appreciate you letting me know.
    Mike Prather

  3. Gunne Benavente

    Visiting your websites and related things for the first time, 3/29/15. Sport flyer in Wolf Point that has to usually drive about 100+ miles one way and hope for low/no wind in Terry or Glendive or Sidney. Bummer. Just bought an enclosed trailer to haul my planes, as I ‘lost’ my big bubble top campervan. Along with the trailer I foolishly bought an almost finished big Hanger 9 P-47. Has new Evolution gas 40GX engine and tank installed, Robarts retracs and tail retrac and electronics, Rx is a Spektrum AR8000, batteries, all servos in fuse and wings, about 90+% completed. Like a kid in a candy store, I should not have bought it. Way above my skill level and small field flying. Looking for about $1600. Come and get it!

  4. Gunner Benavente

    Oops, that’s GUNNER not Gunne !!!!!!!!!!

    ps I may not see your reply as I have not been to this site before and am not good at site navigation. If this site doesn’t delete it contact me at




    .net or 650-2125

  5. Chris Kaiser

    I have an E-flite Pogo for sale. It has only been flown 5 times and does not have any hanger rash or “bumps or bruises”. I did have to do some work on one of the aileron push rods that was sticking but it is hidden when the wing is mounted on. I am looking to get around $250 for the entire setup as is.
    Motor – E-flite Power 25 1250kv
    ESC Hobbywing Funly 80a
    Wing servo – JR MN48
    Elevator/Rudder – Hitec HS-225BB
    Prop – APC 8x8E
    Receiver – Spektrum AR400
    I will also include two 4s 2800mah Zippy Lipo batteries.

  6. Roy

    I am new to this activity. Have a quad coming to me tomorrow (Saturday). I am really having trouble getting my Taranis Plus working. Can someone help me, please?



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